10 tips for iPhone food photography to make food more attractive!

Do you like to document your food with photos as a food blogger, its time to improve your photography. Your meal may look as good as it tastes, thanks to a few accessories your iphone camera, or the photo enhancer provided by meitu, which can help you enhance the photo detail of your food pictures. Like any other kind of photography, great food photography requires perfect lighting, composition, and postproduction. Any smartphone camera will work. So, how do you go about food photography here is a list of our top 10 iphone food photography tips. Use the camera to your advantage there are many apps that allow you to finetune the camera settings on your iphone. Meitu xiuxiu is our favorite.


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It utilizes ai image magnifier to obtain highresolution jewelry retouch service quality images. To get the best exposure and look for your iphone food photography, use camera options like iso, shutter speed, white balance and manual focus. It also offers some incredible composition overlays. Shoot your food at a 45degree angle the standard 45degree angle provides a natural look that brings out the most pleasing side of your food and is appealing even when shot from unusual angles. You can also get a better sense of background by capturing a little foreground and background. In some cases, a photo taken at a 90degree angle from directly above the food youre placing may look better. Youll have to play around with different settings to see what works best for your theme.

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Use natural light when photographing food with an BJ Leads iphone, the basic advice is to use natural light. Using artificial lighting may distort the colors of your subject. When using a flashlight, you may see distracting reflections on the water. If you shoot in natural light, you may avoid these mistakes. The truest color of your food scene will come from natural light. Take pictures of your food outdoors or near a window. If its too bright outside, you can soften the light with a sheet of paper or a white curtain. Shooting in direct sunlight can create harsh shadows, so try to avoid them. For food photography, cloudy days are a great option. The light is softened and diffused by the clouds, making your food shots look better.

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