15 Excel Formulas and Shortcuts You Need to Know

Excel is an excellent tool to organize and control tasks, processes and numbers. In this post, you will learn some formulas and shortcuts that will make your life easier when using this tool. Editor Rock Content February 1, 19 | 5 min read excel tools There is no doubt that Excel is a very useful tool for organizing business and personal life. However, most of the people used to using the software still do not know all the resources that it has. There are innumerable Excel formulas and shortcuts that speed up the process of creating templates.

5 Excel formulas to make your work easier

Therefore, we have made a post listing key commands and some shortcuts that will help you save your precious time while using the program. Did phone numbers in Guatemala you stay curious? So keep reading! Digital Marketing Guide Find out how to improve your strategy right now! 5 Excel formulas to make your work easier 1- Automatically fill lines and columns When it comes to time optimization, there is a very important command in Excel to record data that follows a pattern.

Quickly select a fragment of lines or columns

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Instead of filling in the cells manually, the resource allows the insertion of all the desired information in a single step. To do this, click on the lower BJ Leads right corner of the cell that contains the data you want to copy and drag the selection box, until completing the desired number of cells. Then release the mouse. The program will replicate the content, completing the adjacent cells as the 1st selected. 2- Quickly select a fragment of lines or columns Do you have little time and need to select part of an Excel table or even the entire document?

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