5 Keys to an excellent structure and better web positioning

When a user arrives at your page for the first time, does he then know where to go? Can they find the information they are looking for quickly without having to do a deep search on your website? While site structure might not be a predominant factor when it comes to most ranking algorithms, search engineering uses your page structure to better understand your content and the relationship between actors on your website, and so on. have a better web positioning. web positioning site structure There are many factors that impact the visibility of your website. We usually talk about content, links and other optimization topics that we can use to get results. One area that we tend to miss is the structure of the page we are working on.

Flat design versus deep site structures

But also to understand the content of your website and your proposal. The two most common types of structures are deep and flat. The deep webs create a long pattern of links to access detailed content. The flat structure requires a minimum number of clicks to access any page. web positioning site Jiangxi Phone Number List According to the “Art of SEO”, for almost any site with less than 10,000 pages, all content should be accessible within a maximum of four clicks from the home page and sitemap page. With deep web structures, not only does it take longer for the user to find the content they are looking for, but it can also make it more difficult for search spiders to find it. A flat site structure makes it easier for search engines to find and index your page.

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Building a structure that makes sense

This limits the number of pages a user must go through to find the content they are looking for (which, in theory, results in a lot of interaction with your website). When we build the structure of a website, there is much more to take into account than making it “flat”: The task of SEOs is to structure the site to help Google spiders understand the BJ Leads of the page. Search engineering collects vast amounts of data every day and works to make sense of it all. Instead of them having to “guess” about the importance of the pages on your site, you could directly direct them to the appropriate structure. This, again, has a positive impact on spiders, users and web positioning.

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