5 Mistakes That SMES Make When Starting Their Digital Strategy

Know your buyer personas A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal buyer. To reach and attract them, know your value proposition and your differential: Why should people buy from you and not the competition? What is it that you do so well that no one could imitate you? It is important that you keep this in mind and communicate it on your digital channels. Advise you on digital channels: Either you contact experts or you personally study through reliable sources to learn a little more about the elements of Digital Marketing and you can create a plan to start implementing it.

Thinking that digital marketing does not work

Believing that digital marketing is having a personal Facebook profile Facebook is one of the many channels you can use when having a Email Address CEO digital strategy. Using a personal profile, that is, the profile where you share your personal information, limits the options that exist for businesses, such as the scope, investing in advertising and being able to measure between the main ones. It is better to create a Fan Page where you can put the description of your business, customize the appearance and publish content. But beware! Digital Marketing goes beyond Facebook.

Believing that digital marketing is having a personal Facebook profile

Email Address CEO

There are different channels from the web, corporate blogs, social networks, advertising and identifying which one works best for you will depend on BJ Leads your type of business and the objective you want to achieve. Digital Marketing for SMEs! Download the free guide to apply digital strategies in your company Wanting to talk to everyone everywhere Contrary to the previous point, many SMEs open accounts in all social networks, without knowing the benefits and uses of each one. In the end, they become abandoned spaces that generate uncertainty about the reliability of the business.

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