5 Reasons to optimize your website based on local SEO

.It is very common that even today small businesses do not have a website and if they do, it is not optimized for the web. This practice could be detrimental especially for local SEO positioning. However, there is an argument that some people still believe is valid: web pages are not as effective in the local market. Technology and costs are certainly no longer barriers given the possibility of subscription options for all types of users and platforms that you can configure yourself for those who do not want to hire a freelancer or agency. Instead, the challenge is that web pages must compete for relevance in a market with many other digital platforms – social media pages, directories and review pages. The importance of having a website for your local SEO positioning.

The importance of having a website for your local SEO positioning

There are 5 specific reasons why websites still need to deal with local searches in 2017, let’s learn what they are! capybara local seo 63% of consumers use websites to find or interact with businesses Consumers use websites to find or List of Real Phone Number with businesses 63 percent of the time. And while the public opinion or general perception is that the variety of media available. To consumers decreases the use of the Website. More and more people are using the web pages as well. These numbers show that despite the growth of other media. The value of websites has not diminished – in fact, it continues to grow. While the Wordstream study. Showed a decline in CTR from Google SERPs search engine results pages. Consumers are finding and clicking through to business websites from other sources like Google My Business listings.

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Top 10 Organic Factors for Local SEO for Websites

Top 10 Organic Factors for Local SEO for Websites According to Moz Local Search Ranking factors. The top 10 factors for appearing in Google organic search results are related to website or domain. These factors include how much authority your web page has based on who is linking BJ Leads your page; how many third parties are coming to your website and the quality and relevance of your content, just to name a few. While these factors can certainly be met on a Facebook page, realistically that doesn’t happen. For one thing, a major factor like site authority is hard to achieve on. A social media page; since when did Google not consider social signals like likes or followers as a weight factor. On many occasions, when searching, the results are Facebook web pages.

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