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What they cover and, as a result, what you should include within your own content. How to use keyword clustering to seamlessly optimize your SEO content. Cluster alongside SERP analysis While conducting SERP analysis. The first thing to determine is the content vertical. What’s ranking for your desired keyword? Is it generally home pages, product pages. Service pages, collection/category pages, or articles. Whatever it is, that’s the type of content you need to create. If Google SERPs present eight articles and two product pages. Then it’s most likely that your site will rank with an article.

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If it ranking product pages and you’re not Costa Rica Phone Number List selling anything, then no matter how relevant it seems, this keyword is not for you. Once you know what you need to create and you’ve determined that you can create that page on your site, dig a little deeper and find out what type of content is featured within the top pages of websites that are most similar to yours in terms of niche and domain authority. Think about topics covered, headings, images, videos, and GIFs. This investigative work provides you with an opportunity to understand exactly what your audience wants so you can serve them in the most meaningful way.

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It also ensures that you always create BJ Leads content with search volume, which has the possibility of ranking. Pictured: an example of Google SERP for keyword: “how to complete a Rubik’s Cube”. 2) Use keyword clustering to discover new content opportunities Another tactic for discovering what content to create, as well as new content opportunities, is through the SERP features and the prioritization of them. Check for features and formatting such as featured snippets, video, images, knowledge panels and “people also ask” (PAA). PAA is especially useful; it’s a trove of questions, many of which can be answered within your content.

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