Content Prohibited by Ads Online Advertising Did You Already Know Them

Google, the well-known search engine, has a fairly rigid prohibited content policy. Although their list is extensive, there are those who manage to work well and achieve good results. Valentina Giraldo Apr 10, 19 | 8 min read prohibited-contents Stay with us and see which brands are having success on the web even working with products or services prohibited by Google Ads. No matter where a company is located, if it is not present in the web environment, it simply misses out on business opportunities. When we consider web presence, we almost automatically think of Google.

What are the prohibited content policies in Ads? 

This technology giant offers endless options to reach potential customers, including the Google Ads resource. complete guide to google ads banner Ads Florida realtor email list in Google Ads make it possible for companies of different sizes and sectors to promote their products or services in the search engine. But, attention! If on the one hand marketers breathe easier knowing that they can spread their brand on the web, on the other they are constantly looking for ways to optimize the experience with Google AdSense. This search is even more expressive when it comes, in some way, to companies that work with prohibited content in Ads. Can I somehow include ads without Google blocking or invalidating clicks and impressions?

Topics for adults covered in content for the family

Florida realtor email list

The truth is that it has very rigid rules, but there are special situations in each case of prohibited content. Google generally denies placing ads on pages or BJ Leads websites that it deems controversial, controversial, or dangerous . This happens because its objective is to protect people from uncomfortable situations or that generate any type of discomfort, it even seeks to repress pages that encourage discrimination (person or group), violence, harassment, bullying. Another key point is that the largest search engine in the world wants its users to have an incredible experience.

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