Advertising Identifiers For Mobile Applications

In order to be able to serve advertisements in services that cannot use cookie technology , such as mobile applications, Google may use technologies that function similarly to cookies. Google sometimes associates identifiers used for advertisements served in mobile applications with advertising cookies on the same device to coordinate the advertisements displayed in mobile applications and mobile browsers. For example, if an ad you see in an app opens a web page in a mobile browser, Google may make this association. It also helps Google show advertisers better reports on campaign performance.

What factors can determine the Google ads I see 

These regulations have global implications as they apply to any site on the World Wide Web visited by users in these jurisdictions EU and California but please note that California law only applies to entities with gross revenue over $25 million matter. 

These regulations include the following requirements:

  • Indicate to users that your site uses cookies.
  • Allow users to opt out of some or all cookies.
  • Allows users to use most services without receiving cookies.

Other regulations may exist to manage your Malaysia Phone Number List local cookies. It is your responsibility to know and comply with these regulations. Some companies offer “cookie banner” codes to help you comply with these regulations.

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 Why do I see Google serving ads related to products I’ve viewed?

You may be served ads about products you’ve viewed. If you visit a website that sells golf clubs and you don’t buy any clubs on your first visit, the website owner may want to encourage you to come back to the website and complete your purchase. At this time, the website operator can target advertisements to users who have visited their web pages through Google’s related services. For this purpose, when you visit this golf website, Google reads cookies already in your browser or places a cookie in your browser if your browser allows this.

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