How do 404 errors affect SEO

Can the increase in errors have a negative impact on the crawling and indexing of my website in Google? The answer is yes. However, there are several other things that should concern us. Errors have different degrees of importance We can divide 404 errors into 4 different categories . Errors found on the website already published 404 error on published website These are the most dangerous since they occur on an already published website, or because a page has been deleted but the links that refer to it have not been updated. These errors are harmful because they interfere with the user experience and the usability of the website. They are the first ones we detect and solve when we carry out SEO audits .

Errors caused by old links error for

Old links These can also be harmful, and are links from other web pages that point to URLs on our site that no longer exist. They can also be generated by old bookmarks. These, again, create a bad user experience, but they are even worse SEO -wise since they could have been quality links that are now not bringing us any benefits! 3. Errors generating URLs create good urls This happens all the time, and we find it in 40% to 50% of the Iran Phone Number List audits we do. Someone, by mistake or carelessness, wrongly types the destination URL of a link, generating a 404 error. At the SEO level, they are not a big problem, since Google understands you could ignore them (as long as you fix the source of the error, of course!).

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Systemic errors systematic error

If you notice an increasing number of 404 errors on your site, consider the possibility that a system error exists somewhere in your source code . You may have an XML sitemap that is not reporting URLs correctly, or somewhere in your code non-existent URLs are being generate that Google is detecting when crawling your web page. Whatever the case, this indicates USA Business a problem with your source code that needs to be detecte and fixed.  Solve incidents and prevent new problems from being generat. If 404 errors are cause by old links that you can’t control, you can always generate . Redirects so you don’t completely lose the value of those links.

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