Alexa Rankings Will Be Retired On May

Alexa was founded 25 years ago and will end in 2022. In addition to the lack of profitability, the main reason for the end is that there are more alternatives on the market, and they do better than Alexa . Alexa , who once accompanied our SEO, has gone down the altar. For webmasters, the rise of SEMrush has given us better hope. The only drawback is payment, but the free functions are already available to most ordinary webmasters enough.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa rank is a measure of a website’s popularity. It ranks hundreds of millions of websites by popularity, with Alexa 1 being the most popular. For example Alexa Rank reveals how a website is performing relative to all others, making it  a great Canada Mobile Number List KPI for competitive analysis. Alexa rankings are calculated using a proprietary method that combines estimated traffic and visitor engagement for the site over the past three months. Traffic and engagement are estimated based on browsing behavior of web users around the world.

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From the deactivation of Alexa. It can be seen that it is difficult to survive without innovative companies. The reason why it has survived for so long is entirely supported by Amazon. If it was replaced by an operating company without the support of a gold owner. It would have already closed down. At the same time, it also shows that free things cannot survive without commercial support. Therefore, in order to make the business ecology cycle, it is recommended to use excellent paid software, so that everyone can coexist.

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