Paid Advertising Trend 6 The Shift to Other Paid Advertising Platforms

While Google and Facebook have long dominated the digital marketing space. Many businesses are now turning to other paid advertising platforms. Professionals, for example. spend most of their time on LinkedIn, while consumers tend to turn to Amazon for shopping.

You can leverage several other paid advertising platforms to optimize your advertising campaign. These platforms include:

LinkedIn is a very effective advertising platform if you are a B2B company. You can easily target businesses and audiences based on their job title. company industry type interests, job level, and more.

Quora has been attracting the attention of many marketers, and its monthly active user base has reached 300 million. Advertisers can target audiences by monitoring platform content, evaluating user behavior and dynamics. Amazon DSP platform to advertise and easily direct traffic to your online store without even registering as an Amazon seller.

Paid Advertising Trend 7 The Rise of Video Advertising

Video ads show the potential to get more clicks, especially on YouTube, and video ads are an important part of an effective paid advertising strategy. This is mainly because 58% of customers trust brands with video ads more than brands without video ads.

In 2021, many businesses are expected to use Google Vertical Video Ads. And marketers will also include links to their products in video ads. It is estimated  that virtual reality (VR) advertising will also see some growth in 2021 in order to create a realistic Georgia Mobile Number List experience for potential customers.

Which extracts 6-second bumper ads from long videos and inserts them into YouTube videos. You can even incorporate TV and video ads into your business marketing strategy to reach more people and increase.

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In Summary your conversions

If you’re an advertiser or digital marketing expert. you can take advantage of the above paid advertising trends to help grow your brand and get the most out of your paid advertising.

Marketers focusing on paid ad automation, voice search, video ads and more other paid ad platforms will lead the way in 2021. If you, too, want to increase profitability and be successful in 2021 book a free consultation with Noah Digital Marketing’s North American network marketing experts.

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