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The highlight words in the above quote are an emphatic statement of alignment with larger — often elite brands instead of with the diverse small businesses, which are the very meaning of localism. Personally, I see our socioeconomics deeply wound by the pattern of giving preferential treatment to whatever is largest and treating whatever is smallest with chronic indifference, and I believe Google has the clout to change this dynamic within their own, very substantial sphere — if they choose to. Today, when champions of positive change are the most important people in any room.

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Could Google stop hiding 59% of websites Hungary Phone Number List in local packs? Graphic with the text ‘You’r,e invit to return website links to local packs’. My friend and Moz’s marketing scientist, Dr. Peter J. Meyers, recently shar some numbers with me that deserve to be seen. Running 10,000 keywords through MozCast, half of which were specifically localiz to cities, Google return 3,322 local packs on desktop, meaning that 33% of the SERPs queri featur these types of results. Of these packs, 59% featur zero links to local business websites, in this fashion: Google map result for Mexican restaurants.Local search and localism are going strong! Local fresh food market with corn on the cob The.

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This was not a case of website links BJ Leads missing because no websites exist — packs in which some of the entries had website links and others didn’t (because no URL had been add) were 41% of the total number. Rather, these website-less packs were of the kind that have been dubb “local teasers”, and a variety of other names over the years. Dr. Pete ran the test twice, and on the second trial, website-less packs made up 58% of the total. In other words, nearly 6/10 of Google’s local SERPs intentionally hide URLs. please join me in sending three invitations to Google from the local business neighborhood, in hopes of an RSVP.


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