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Block Google from crawling or indexing low-quality sections of your. Website by using the robots.txt file or the noindex tag. If you are interest in the topic. I recommend reading Chris Long’s Crawl — Currently Not Index. A Coverage Status Guide. 2. “Discover – currently not index” This is my favorite issue to work with. Because it can encompass everything from crawling issues to insufficient content quality. It’s a massive problem, particularly in the case of large e-commerce stores. And I’ve seen this apply to tens of millions of URLs on a single website. Discover URLs for a site that are not currently index. Google may report that e-commerce product pages are.

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Discover – currently not index” because Greece Phone Number List of: A crawl budget issue: there may be too many URLs in the crawling queue and these may be crawl and index later. A quality issue: Google may think that some pages on that domain aren’t worth crawling and decide not to visit them by looking for a pattern in their URL. Dealing with this problem takes some expertise. If you find out that your pages are “Discover – currently not index”, do the following: Identify if there are patterns of pages falling into this category. Maybe the problem is relat to a specific category of products and the whole category isn’t link internally.

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Or maybe a huge portion of product BJ Leads pages are waiting in the queue to get index? Optimize your crawl budget. Focus on spotting low-quality pages that Google spends a lot of time crawling. The usual suspects include filter category pages and internal search pages — these pages can easily go into tens of millions on a typical e-commerce site. If Googlebot can freely crawl them, it may not have the resources to get to the valuable stuff on your website index in Google. During the webinar “Rendering SEO.

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