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If you are not creating mobile responsive email campaigns. You are creating friction with your recipients. It is a bad experience that will lead to subscribers ignoring your emails or worse. Marking them as spam or unsubscribing. Almost every email marketing platform will have a drag and drop email itor that inherently creates a mobile responsive version for you. Contact has an easy-to-use itor that provides inspiration and great results. Let’s cover some basic items: Email content nes to have the ability to stack elements on top of one another and images and text must conform to the size of the screen.

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They are being display on Avoid images with Georgia Phone Number List small details that will not render well on mobile, while also making sure that your content is not clutter and allows for finger-friendly clicks and scrolling. Calls to action, such as buttons ne to be legible and clickable. Use larger font sizes, shorter subject lines, avoid stacking links, and the most important tip is to test, test, test! Miriam: Sadly, about half of marketers confess they feel the email campaigns they’re engaging in are only poor-to-average in quality. It’s definitely a “meh” state of affairs.

Georgia Phone Number List

Content Relevancy Measuring Email

What are the top mistakes you see in your BJ Leads day-to-day work in this field and do you have tips for improvement? Hank: The biggest mistake I see email marketers making is thinking of their campaigns through their lens. They do not get to know their audience (avatar) well enough to send emails that matter to them and wonder why the results are lacking. Consider: It’s important to find the right frequency of emails that resonate. Do not send too many or too few emails. Survey your audience or watch trends in your reporting to find out the right amount of emails to send. The days of “spray and pray” are over. Many marketers fail to use subscriber segmentation.

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