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It might be the coolest and most compelling message he’s ever heard, but he’s sure to have better things to do in the morning. He decides to answer you later, and by the end of the day he will happily forget about it. On the other hand, if you send a message at 5:30 pm, when most people’s work day ends, the recipient may contact you that same evening or the next morning. Read also: Voice First: The Future of Interaction? 8. Share your message Instead of leaving one 30-second message, create a 20-second recording, then call back immediately and complete it with a 10-second message. The second passage should contain information that was not lacking in the first.

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It could sound something like this: Voicemail 1: “Hi Sergey. I recently attended one of TrustPilot’s webinars but haven’t received any follow-up emails, and I was wondering if you have a strategy in place to grow leads generated through this channel. According Ivory Coast Phone Number to my team, the guys who attend the live event convert 30% better. What strategy (if any) are you following? Voicemail 2: “Sergey, I forgot to introduce myself and leave a contact. This is Katerina Soboleva from Acme. You can contact me at Thanks”. This division has two main advantages. First, you make your interaction with a potential client more unique. And secondly.

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It will be easier for you to enlist his trust, because most of these calls are made according. To template scenarios in which no one forgets anything. 9. Slow down as you speak Start your voice message at your normal pace, and then gradually slow down your speech. At first glance, this idea may seem silly to you, but in fact, with this approach, people are more likely to listen to you to the end. By not trying to end the conversation in a hurry, you sound not only BJ Leads clearer and more confident, but also much more sincere. Therefore, it will be easier for you to convince a person that for you he is not just another name from the list. 10. End with your phone number Always end your messages with a phone number. Say it slowly, and then do it again. If the recipient uses voice dictation, the contact will appear after all the information as an active link, and to call, he will only have to “tap” on the screen.

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