Art Deco is making a comeback

Appearing around 1910, the Art Deco style reached its peak in the “Roaring Twenties” around 1920. One hundred years later. Art Deco is making a comeback thanks to the young generations. Of designers who have its codes and textures. Both in the both interior design and digital. We rediscover collections of contemporary furniture. In other words, Decorative accessories  wallpapers among others strongly inspired. By the Art Deco style. Even in the digital world, Art Deco is talked about. From graphic patterns to world famous video games. Here too Art Deco has passed and left its indelible mark. Diving into the heart of a style that has not finished making. A charming young millionaire with a troubled past who lives luxuriously in a villa always full of guests.

Originally only an architectural movement

People talk about it the origins of Art Deco It was at the beginning. Of the 20th century that the artistic movement called . Art Deco was born around 1910. Extremely Clipping Path Service popular in the 1920s, especially in the United States. It would eventually decline in the 1930s.  Model brands Once the market study has been carried out. The term  Art Dec abbreviation for  Decorative Arts  finds. Its origin in the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative. Industrial Arts which took place in Paris in 1925. Originally only an architectural movement.  It extended to field of interior architecture, furniture. Interior decoration furniture upholstery stained glass ornaments, etc. Architecture Architecture projects in the Art-Deco style mushroomed around the world between 1910 and 1940.

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Some of the most famous examples include

Some of the most famous examples include the Chrysler Building in New York. Most importantly Le Palais de in Paris Le Palais from Bj leads  the Mediterranean. In conclusion, For instance, To Nice or Miami and its famous Art Deco district  ocean. Most importantly, Drive in South Beach is a real ode to the Art Deco style with. Its multicolored buildings with their characteristic geometric shapes. The Art-Deco style is manifested in architecture by the purity of its geometric shapes. In conclusion which draw buildings with a unique and characteristic look. In addition, Use this template it is also the period of prohibition. Above all, In the United States where many clandestine bars open their doors. Generally decorated in the Art Deco style then in vogue.

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