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Charismatic personality your brand has one, too. Think of it as a living, breathing being. To truly humanize your brand, it’s important to give it a personality. Here are some common brand personalities that might resonate with your brand: ucational like the Moz Blog you’re reading from right now. Does your brand consistently create content to inform others about a different perspective, how your products work, or how-to do something? Entertaining: like Netflix. Is your brand meant to distract others from the chaos of the world, and for a moment just forget their worries? Disruptive/Rebellious: like Harley Davidson. A wild-at-heart kind of brand that’s not afraid to take risks. Sensual and Luxurious.

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Saint Botanical a true spirit-bas beverage Mexico Phone Number List brew from rare teas. Does your brand ooze sophistication and scream refreshing? Efficient and Motivational: like Nike. Maybe your brand’s heart beats like a champion and is eager to motivate others. Happy: like Coca-Cola. If your brand’s sole mission is to cultivate joy, laughter, and radiance then happiness is its identity. Even with B2B, your brand personality doesn’t have to fit in one of these boxes, as they’re simply suggestions. Play around with identities and characteristics that feel right to you by diving deeper into your brand values. 2. Create an authentic and original narrative Every piece of content that you publish should tell a story.

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Whether it’s an email  newsletter, Instagram BJ Leads post, or blog article, the messaging should be universal, memorable, consistent, and organiz. Focusing on these elements will strengthen your content strategy and make it more powerful, and therefore unique. Let’s now take a look at content authenticity in action. Since 1973, Patagonia has always put out authentic content, constantly showcasing its brand values, company culture, and ethics. It’s evident through stories like trail runner Felipe Cancino’s of running through the Maipo River Valley.

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