How Should Real Estate Companies Do Online Promotion

Yiwu Huacheng Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd. (referr to as Huacheng Real Estate) was establish in 2009 with a register capital of 50 million. At present, the company’s headquarters has Yiwu Branch, Jinhua Branch, Dongyang Branch, and Xinfang Branch. The business scope covers the entire Zhejiang Province. It is a well-known real estate comprehensive service company in Zhejiang Province. The company takes the real estate brokerage business as the core, and its business scope includes three major parts: real estate, finance and commerce. The scope of business includes: real estate brokerage agency, house leasing, house sales, luxury house rental and sales, warrant handling, mortgage loans, real estate investment consulting, shop rental and sales. office leasing and commercial housing, vacant housing, corporate debt housing sales agency, etc.

Marketing Pain Points

Second-hand housing sales are transparent and competitive in the same industry. Profit margins are constantly being squeez. And revenue is unbalanc. It is difficult to develop distribution channels for offline promotion , and traditional promotion channels Nigeria Mobile Number List gradually lose their advantages, resulting in less traffic and difficulty in acquiring customers , which ultimately leads to difficulty in increasing the number of orders.

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Marketing Effectiveness

In January, the total exposure was 160,000 times, the CPM cost was 16.87 yuan, the single click price was 0.31 yuan, and the click-through rate was 5%.

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