Baidu search big data predicts consumption trends in 2021

At the beginning of the new year and the Spring Festival is approaching, what are the changing trends of the consumer market in the year after year of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new? In the complex search expressions, are there any traces of changes in people’s consumption behavior? With the help of Baidu Big Data, we can discover the consumption patterns behind the data. Knowing from the past, reviewing the changes in the consumer market in 2020 will become a powerful guide for brands to recognize consumers in 2021 .

The pace of Double 11 and Double 12 feels like we have just walked away, and we will usher in the Chinese New Year again. Consumption activities are always on-going, making people curious about the trends and changes that come with year after year. For example, in the past 2020. What are the characteristics of national consumption, especially the consumption preferences of the younger generation, changes in demand, and decision-making behavior?

Relying on Baidu search big data , we found three major consumption trends the sinking of the consumer market, the younger consumer population, and the mature consumer decision-making

The sinking of the consumer market

In 2020, the growth rate of Baidu APP’s sinking market reached 9.9%. Here, the sinking market refers to the market in cities, counties and rural areas below the third tier.

According to Baidu search big data. the sinking market has become the consumption growth engine of the whole industry. Behind this is the improvement Albania Phone Numbers List of the overall living standards of the people in the county, as well as the blessing of various urban and rural consumption promotion policies.

Among the top ten industries with increased search popularity in sinking areas in 2020, medical and health care, sports outdoor and gold wealth management and  medical beauty and plastic surgery will rank in the top four, with an increase of more than .

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Younger consumer groups

The phenomenon of younger consumers is not new. But it is worth mentioning that the trend of rejuvenation of large-scale consumption has become obvious. Baidu search big data shows that the post-90s generation has become the largest potential consumer group in luxury goods, luxury cars and other industries.

In 2020, among the age distribution of luxury searchers, the post-90s users account for more than half, far exceeding the proportion of users in other age groups. At the same time. The post-00s generation is also on the rise, and its search ratio exceeds that of the post-70s generation.

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