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Implement ABM-specific activities Once we adjust our digital media, we implement ABM-specific activities. The largest and most important one in terms of the impact the France Phone Number business is direct mail and we use Alyce for most of our direct mail.  The sales development team is an incredibly important team at Adobe. In addition to arming our sales development team with direct mail, we France Phone Number executed “platform-assisted outbound” marketing funds and manages software to support intelligent outbound efforts via specific platforms such as Rambo and G2 Crowd.

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We already do this for our inbound efforts, but take an account-view approach for our ABM. Step 4: Measure the impact of ABM-specific efforts I believe that the purpose of France Phone Number marketing is to grow a company, so I am a big believer in measuring marketing to revenue. We, of course, use Bizible for multi-touch attribution tracking and optimization, including for all of our ABM efforts. This is so critical as our sales cycle is much longer ABM than some of our efforts to SMBs or inbound marketing, so ensuring we have quality measurement was extremely helpful in proving internally the value ABM delivers.

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Some of the key abm-related reports. We’ve built using bizible include marketing. Qualified contacts, marketing qualified accounts. Opportunities/pipeline, win rates. And deal France Phone Number sizes, as well as. Revenue by channel and campaign. Bringing it all together ABM is not an inexpensive marketing motion. It can’t exist on its own, so we execute all of our ABM in close coordination with inbound marketing teams.

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