Do You Know How Your Users Want to Be Attracted See Some Indications for the Ideal CTA

With Google Adwords came the CPC or cost per click. Advertising no longer only paid for the scope of appearing on the web, now it also pays for the number of clicks an ad gets. Behind the campaigns there begins to be a strategy and user monitoring. Brands can measure ROI , that is, calculate the Rate of Return on Investment, an essential practice today to identify failures and improvements. With these improvements in terms of business for brands, user searches with keywords come into play .

How advertising has evolved

ebook keywords As we have seen , social networks have also influenced our way of communicating. The pursuit of brands after the customer has taken a Singapore Phone Number Example step further on these platforms. All this thanks to Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads. The segmentation can be as precise as carrying out campaigns for only one city or for a radius of 30 km. One of the forms of consumption that we cannot ignore is video. Without a doubt, video is one of the digital trends that continues to evolve today. Proof of this is the incorporation of stories in all social networks. Video has endless possibilities in digital ads.

When did calls to action start on the internet?

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YouTube advertising began in 2007 and today there are already so many advertising models that every brand wants to be there where there are millionaire audiences. So far we have been able to see the evolution of advertising attached to a computer screen . What BJ Leads about mobile consumption? Again we have Apple in 2007 with its iphone that allowed access to the Internet. It is a reality that we are more and more in Mobile, so much so that we consider ourselves multi-channel. Brands know this, so day by day they implement strategies and technologies to be more and more present on our smartphones.

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