Beacon and Proximity Marketing Learn More About This Innovation and Its Advantages

Therefore, between choosing to be a customer of an establishment that offers a normal shopping day and another that offers something differentiated, the vast majority prefer the second option. Personalization of customer service When the customer enters a store that uses the beacon, it is very likely that he will feel special, since there is the possibility of rescuing his relationship history with the company. Thus, it is possible to personalize the attention, offer special conditions, as well as exclusive offers for him. Do you perceive that, in this way, the possibilities of selling something are much greater?

Where can beacons be used?

Administrative management This technology can also help a lot in the administrative part and in the management of a company, mainly in list of real estate agents email addresses the industry sector, since it allows to improve inventory control, manage teams and even improve the management of collaborators. Interaction within stores The most common example of the beacon is its use in retail stores, which is very common in the United States. In these places, the resource is very useful to increase the interaction between customers and the product sections of the store.

Personalization of customer service

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The operating logic is simple: by identifying in which area of ​​the establishment the customer is, the store sends personalized information and notifications to BJ Leads the customer’s cell phone, through its application. There is a stimulus for the customer to learn more about the products, in addition, they receive help to make their purchase decision. 2. Information in tourist establishments Beacons are not only useful for shopping. This makes it possible to get away from “business as usual” and provide a differentiated experience for those who are visiting the attraction. Imagine visiting an exhibition and receiving detailed information on each piece, directly on your mobile application.

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