Practices that have become obsolete in Social Media

Digital marketing by Henry Silva 4 practices that have become obsolete in Social Media Social media and digital marketing People who are new to the world of digital marketing often have a lot of questions about SEO and content marketing campaigns, as well as the use of social media. In Capybara SEO we will present you 4 obsolete practices in Social Media that you should stop using now. 1. Only post links Outdated practices in digital marketing You should not be shy about sharing links to your own content. You created it, you are proud of it, and your followers should be people who are interested in reading it.

But if your social media accounts have

Majority of links to your own content your followers will lose interest, and may even unfollow you. What to do to avoid this type of obsolete practices? Balance your own content links with posts that are of general interest and useful to your audience, including content from other good, non-competitive sources. Your goal should be to make people think your social media account is useful, not just promotional. Introduce messages Netherlands Phone Number List that link to nowhere, but are useful on their own. For example, you can post short tips or useful information. Start a conversation relevant to your business and audience. This last tip is especially important for Facebook, where the news feed algorithm now heavily favors posts most likely to create “meaningful engagement” among your followers.

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Follow users to gain followers

This is one of the many obsolete practices although it is common, especially on Twitter and Instagram, and consists of following a large number of accounts. Why? Because many users will follow anyone who follows them, thus helping the mass follower to increase their number of followers and their “proof of social popularity”. Accounts that engage in USA Business this practice are easy to spot: they typically have an almost equal ratio of followers to users they follow, despite having tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, there is no evidence of engagement and interaction. 3. Use of self-management programs These programs are used to automatically like and share messages from accounts you follow.

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