Blended Marketing the Fusion Strategy Between Online and Offline Marketing

Put it into practice To understand how we can implement Blended Marketing actions, it is important to mention some examples: First, renowned cereal brand Kellogg’s created a store where customers could trade a product in exchange for a Twitter post. As a second and good example, we have that the Pull&Bear brand launched an offer for customers who take a photo wearing an outfit of the same and share it on their social networks. Finally, the chocolate company Kit Kat created a campaign to exchange cell phone battery power for a product, all in a physical promotional point.

 What is Blended Marketing

What do these examples tell us? Let’s think about the benefits that these strategies generated for companies, managed to unite actions of get CEO email addresses an audience that lives on land and on social networks. Therefore, separating online and offline marketing is an obvious mistake, and joining them is to achieve balance and obtain great benefits. In addition, whatever the product, any comprehensive campaign must identify the value of the consumer and their power to communicate their experience with the company through the tools they have, both physically and digitally.

How does this strategy work

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It is necessary to take into account that when uniting both types of marketing, simplicity and creativity are essential. But not only this, it is also BJ Leads essential that the campaign is clear and does not lend itself to confusion. It is about the consumer taking their experience to the digital world and expressing their satisfaction with the purchase of the product or service, or that the networks take the consumer to an event or retail of the company to achieve it.

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