What Is Worth Buying: How To Promote E-commerce Platforms

What’s Worth Buying” integrates shopping guides, media, tools, and community attributes. It introduces cost-effective and well-reput products and services to users with high-quality consumer content. and provides users with efficient. Accurate, neutral, and professional consumption decisions. support. At the same time. What is worth buying. Is also an important channel to undertake the results of natural voice inquiries. And reach the just-needed in the home voice scene. Users, cooperate with start-up advertisements to achieve high exposure. for e-commerce and brand owners to acquire high-quality users and expand brand influence.

Customer Reviews

In response to the brand characteristics and appeals of Meisujiaer. Meisujiaer teamed up with Baidu to jointly create the “Baby Don’t Cry” AI smart applet . This small program can comprehensively analyze the reasons behind the baby’s cry from the dimensions of the baby’s usual semantics, vocalization, and the reasons for crying, and play customized Namibia Mobile Number List soothing songs according to different scenarios. The AI ​​intelligently matched music will help parents and mothers to soothe the baby in real time, and at the same time, supplemented by detailed text interpretation, it will give parents other suggestions for improving comfort. Users can also authorize to log in to the Baidu account to record and track the cause of the baby’s crying multiple times.

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Marketing Effectiveness

Putting search and information feed advertisements on Baidu can bring tens of millions of exposures and hundreds of thousands of app downloads every month for worth buying. Compar with other media, the cost of acquiring users is lower.

Monthly exposure: 10 million monthly APP downloads: hundreds of thousands

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