By playing on different filters more creative

You can personalize them by adding filters, emojis, a poll, a question. Use this template Use this template 1.1 Why choose a story rather than a regular post? Whether you are an individual, whether you manage an e-commerce or a business (B2C as B2B), know that stories are the most engaging content on Instagram. You will know who has seen your stories and you can interact with them privately. You can even add a link that will refer to your website, without leaving the application. 2. Applications & tools to create your Stories Instagram has its limits. The following applications allow you to perfect your stories, by playing on different filters and more creative typographies. The artist already imagines leaving his work to live from his passion. Simple, seemingly

 By adding unusual drawings and stickers

Or by adding unusual drawings and stickers. To create your Instagram visuals quickly and easily, has various and dynamic templates to create engaging visuals.  For instance,  An extract of the template models available on Play Photo Restoration with filters (predefined or custom) to change contrast, saturation and/or give a particular effect to your visual. Take it into account in your creations. You can also add animated elements and stickers. For instance, On each story created can be adapted to any other content.  Format, ideal for sharing inspiration without having to worry about dimensions. In other words, Use this template In Shot In Shot is a smartphone editing software. target gender, age, socio-professional category, activity, location, hobbies, passions.

Photo Restoration

Visuals Blurred background colorful border

Designed to easily edit your photos and videos. Screenshots of the In shot app The possibilities of creation on In Shot. For instance Simply Bj leads crop, cut, crop or rotate visuals Blurred background colorful border Music  Text editor emojis Ability to speed up or slow down the video Wide variety of filters Built-in compressor and converter 3. For instance, Font Candy If typography is of particular importance in your communication. After that, The Font Candy application is made for you Perfect for adding quotes. Above all, Titles to your photos, making your design stand out and creating more engaging posts.

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