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But absolutely everyone likes to learn about the opportunities that are opening up. Having achieved a certain weight in the event industry, you no longer care so much about expanding your list of contacts, but about how to get the most out of your existing connections. 1. Be picky. Take a look at each contact in terms of their social network and potential usefulness to you. Decisive factors: common interests, common basic or additional professional education, proximity to desired jobs or companies, and geographic location.  Develop relationships. Once you find a potentially high-quality contact, start developing and maintaining a relationship with him. You don’t need to be overly persistent in your desire to communicate.

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But you shouldn’t be shy either: subscribe to a person on social networks, comment on his posts. 3. Collaborations. Look for such opportunities. True camaraderie is based on shared trials. The next time a person needs help, they will think of you. 4. Benefit. Ask a contact person to put you in touch with a hiring manager at the company you would like to France Phone Number apply for. Start by asking if your friend likes working for them, and then the conversation will take care of itself. See also: 11 awkward moments in email correspondence 7. Talent to bargain Surely, as soon as you started your career in this industry, you immediately managed to practice your talent for communicating with sellers and suppliers. Kevin R. Johnston, Certified Meetings Specialist, CEO of Advantage Event Group.

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In the art of bargaining, you need to acquire a black belt. Ultimately, the key metrics in our industry are satisfaction and budget. The most magnificent event, from which everyone experienced the pleasure, will be regarded as a failure if all the funds were spent on it. Winning a catering package or a discount from an app provider is great, but you also need to be able BJ Leads to get decent rewards for your services. Higher qualifications as an event planner often means a huge amount of responsibility, managing a bigger budget, and lots of sleepless nights. You deserve to be compensated for this, so being able to sell your value is critical to your career.

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