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If you have insufficient crawl budget, it’s just as important that you’re consistent with. The quality of your content. Most websites, big or small, have lots of content that should be indexed — but isn’t. And while things like JavaScript do make indexing more complicated. Your website can suffer from serious indexing issues even if it’s written in pure HTML. In this post, let’s address some of the most common issues, and how to mitigate them. Reasons why Google isn’t indexing your pages Using a custom indexing checker tool. I checked a large sample of the most popular e-commerce stores in the US for indexing issues.

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I discovered that on average, 15% of Ghana Phone Number List their indexable product pages cannot be found on Google. That result was extremely surprising. What I needed to know next was “why”: what are the most common reasons why Google decides not to index something that should technically be indexed? Google Search Console reports several statuses for unindexed pages, like “Crawled – currently not indexed” or “Discovered – currently not indexed”. While this information doesn’t explicitly help address the issue, it’s a good place to start diagnostics. Top indexing issues Based on a large sample of websites.

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I collected the most popular indexing issues BJ Leads reported by Google Search Console are: 1. “Crawled – currently not indexed” In this case, Google visited a page but didn’t index it. Based on my experience, this is usually a content quality issue. Given the e-commerce boom that’s currently happening, we can expect Google to get pickier when it comes to quality. So if you notice your pages are “Crawled – currently not indexed”, make sure the content on those pages is uniquely valuable: Use unique titles, descriptions, and copy on all indexable pages. Avoid copying product descriptions from external sources. Use canonical tags to consolidate duplicate content.

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