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Crazing Ideal for tracking the actions and attention of your site’s users; LPgenerator : our platform has all the features for split testing and multivariate testing of your landings; LuckyOrange: allows you to evaluate why users do not fill out your lead form. The art of setting SMART goals for marketers The art of setting SMART goals for marketers To succeed in sports, you need to be able to write down your goals in detail, and for this you first need to realize them, and then understand exactly how you will achieve them. It’s not enough to just decide that you need to “improve your upper body” and start lifting weights three times a week.

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By how many pounds are you going to improve your bench press? How many weekly upper body workouts do you plan to do? Only with a specific plan and the right direction, you will come to the intended landmark. SMART goal setting helps not only Italy Phone Number athletes, but also marketers. Today we’ll take a look at this approach and show you how to create a list of goals for your work. The content of the article What are SMART goals? How to write smart goals Specific Measurable Achievable Meaningful Time bound 6 examples of SMART goal setting 1. Blog traffic 2. Facebook video views 3. Email subscription 4. Webinar subscription 5. Landing performance.

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Link building What are SMART goals? SMART goals are specific goals that you strive to achieve within a specific period of time. These goals should be carefully formulated under the guidance and direct supervision of your manager. “SMART” is an acronym, each letter of which describes the most important characteristics of each goal. Its decoding sounds BJ Leads like this: “specific” (English specific, S), “measurable” (English measurable, M, “achievable” (English attainable, A), “significant” (English relevant, R) and “limited by time “(English time-bound, T). In addition, translated from English, the word “smart” means “smart”. How to write smart goals Every SMART goal should have these five characteristics so that it can be achieved and benefit you. Let’s see what each feature means.

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