Neuromarketing strategies for the Christmas season

Of the decisions that are made daily are made unconsciously and only 15% are made consciously. This has created what we know today as Neuromarketing , which is the application of neuroscience techniques to marketing in order to use the buyer’s intention, needs or emotions to successfully close a sale . When we talk about Neuromarketing we must know the 3 areas of the brain that are studied: Neuromarketing stimulates the brain -Neocortex : is the rational, logical and analytical part of the brain. When this area predominates in the consumer . He will always justify the use or the reason for his purchase before making it. Also, this type of client organizes and plans their purchases taking into account the factors of time and money.

This type of consumer is very rare

Limbic system  it is the emotional and sentimental area. When this region predominates, the product generates in the consumer some affection or feeling before buying it. Most of these consumers are women. -Reptilian brain : it is the zone of instinct, survival and protection. Consumers generally buy because they subconsciously know that the product will Bosnia Herzegovina Phone Number List do them good. By learning about brain types, we can use a few techniques to make the most of this knowledge in marketing strategies , including: Neuromarketing stimulates emotions . Use emotions to arouse feelings : by activating the brain with negative or positive emotions . The consumer’s attention is attracted since they can feel identified and create a relationship with the product and the brand.


Everything for the consumer first me

Second me and third me human beings are selfish by nature, therefore, they prefer companies that focus on them, so don’t talk so much about your product, better talk about the benefits you will get the client. -Images and videos : these 2 tools activate the brain faster than text. Compelling visual content is great for selling the brain on anything. -Simplify everything : when the brain detects something difficult or complicated, it avoids BJ Leads processing it and discards it. Keep everything simple and eye-catching to capture the consumer’s attention and interest. -Surprise the consumer . When we are reading or watching a video, our brain is active to process information quickly. It also tends to predict what is coming, for example, if we read the phrase “Shrimp that falls asleep .

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