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Whether you’re new or just wanting to test launch a new product (like Marianne), you’d like to be able to place a small order. Marianna was looking for companies that accepted orders from 500-1000 units of goods. Thanks to all these filters, your list will become more or less manageable. From now on, you can start evaluating individual company profiles. Here are a few sections worth checking out. 6. Type of company Pay attention to whether the company is a manufacturer of products or it simply acts as a retailer, whether you will receive your products directly from the manufacturer or from an intermediary.

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It’s hard to say which is better, but getting products directly from the manufacturer will likely give you more control over the process and help you cut costs. Export countries Find out if they have exported goods to your region. The supplier Marianne started working with was already doing business in both the US and Europe. 8. Payment methods Check if they Colombia Phone Number offer payment methods that are convenient for you. If you can’t find any information about this, but still want to deal with a particular provider, ask them about fees and possible commissions as early as possible. Marianne has made sure that the partner she has chosen uses PayPal. In addition, the supplier notified her in advance of the size of the transaction fee.

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List of options continues to shrink, and you should pay attention to how firms provide information about themselves, whether they are willing to contact, etc. 9. Unit price As you filter out options, you will have time to make a rather unpleasant, but quite logical discovery – the more criteria a company meets, the higher its price for a product. As always, you must BJ Leads strike a balance between product quality, your needs and budget, and your profit margin expectations. Marianne’s desire was natural for any businessman: to buy as cheaply as possible, to sell as much as possible and at a good profit. 30% margin is enough to get started, but it all depends on you. Ideally, your retail prices should cover business expenses and open up opportunities for growth.

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