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Speak in a normal tone Many salespeople communicate with customers too enthusiastically, raising their voice to an unnatural tone, but more often than not, such excessive enthusiasm is not perceived well. Instead, try to keep the conversation in your usual tone and speak calmly. This will emphasize your confidence in what was said and make the call memorable. 7. Leave a voicemail at the end of the day As a rule, the response to voicemail increases during the day, which is due to the effect of serial location (serial position effect.

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According to this psychological phenomenon, people remember best what they see/hear first and last. Let’s say a potential buyer gets a sales voicemail at 9:00 AM. It might be the coolest and most compelling message he’s ever heard, but he’s sure to have better Ecuador Phone Number things to do in the morning. He decides to answer you later, and by the end of the day he will happily forget about it. On the other hand, if you send a message at 5:30 pm, when most people’s work day ends, the recipient may contact you that same evening or the next morning. Read also: Voice First: The Future of Interaction? 8. Share your message Instead of leaving one 30-second message, create a 20-second recording.

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Then call back immediately and complete it with a 10-second message. The second passage should contain information that was not lacking in the first. It could sound something like this: Voicemail 1: “Hi Sergey. I recently attended one of TrustPilot’s webinars BJ Leads but haven’t received any follow-up emails, and I was wondering if you have a strategy in place to grow leads generated through this channel. According to my team, the guys who attend the live event convert 30% better. What strategy (if any) are you following? Voicemail 2: “Sergey, I forgot to introduce myself and leave a contact. This is Katerina Soboleva from Acme.

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