Coca-Cola Xiaodu Smart Screen Marketing Case Break Moment Leisure Scene Marketing

Creating new drinking scenarios is one of the focuses of Coca-Cola’s ongoing attempts to explore growth. In 2020, Coca-Cola aims at the work scene, connecting the time when the work status is sluggish or the need to rest and refresh with the refreshing and refreshing drink brought by Coca-Cola, so as to increase the drinking scene of young people in the workplace. Under the influence of the epidemic, working from home has become a daily work scene. Coke and cola are strongly combin with the home office scene to create new drinking scenes and continue to try to explore new growth points.

Marketing Plan

Xiaodu Smart Screen has rank No. 1 in the sales volume of smart speakers for two consecutive years, becoming the best platform to accurately communicate with family groups through content marketing , intelligent interaction and other methods in Kenya Mobile Number List the home scene, and create a new drinking scene for the well-known fast-moving consumer brand Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola cooperat with Xiaodu smart screen to create Break Moment leisure scene marketing.

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Break Moment The Weather Takes The Initiative To Tease

Weather is a very frequently used skill in the morning. When the user asks about the weather, and after Xiaodu completes the normal weather broadcast, he will tease you into the Coca-Cola Changshuang experience and welcome a full day with Coca-Cola.

BREAK MOMENT2——Interactive Q&A on member songs

When the afternoon work is a little tir or distract, I often choose a Cheer Up song. Xiaodu uses one-day membership rights as “bait” to invite users to Q&A with Coca-Cola, connecting “this moment” with the “smooth experience” brought by Coca-Cola.

BREAK MOMENT3 – customary naming

“Using music to eliminate the fatigue of the day” is a popular subscription habit for Xiaodu smart screens, with more than 180,000 subscriptions. After setting the time for the habit of broadcasting, when night comes, without waking up, Xiaodu will automatically start the voice broadcasting, bring you select songs, and naturally associate “eliminate fatigue with Coca-Cola.

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