Baidu Search Thunder Algorithm To Combat Malicious Search Competition

SEO is not only technical work, but also physical work. As a white hat SEO, the understanding of physical work may be more unforgettable, while black hat SEO pays more attention to technical research and improves rankings through improper technical means. Recently, Baidu announced that Baidu Search will launch Thunder Algorithm 3.0 in mid-January 2021 , and will continue to expand the influence of the algorithm. This upgrade severely cracks down on cheating that attempts to improve website search rankings by falsifying user behavior.

The Release Time Of Version 1.0 Of The Thunder Algorithm

Baidu Search launched the Thunder Algorithm at the end of November 2017 to crack down on cheating behaviors that improve website search rankings by swiping clicks; in order to ensure the search user experience and promote the healthy development Azerbaijan Mobile Number List of search content ecology. The Thunderbolt algorithm will routinely generate penalty data. Punish the behavior of cheating in click traffic, and severely punish websites with penalty records, and severe cases will be banned for a long time.

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Thunder Algorithm Version 2.0 Release Time

In order to ensure the search user experience and promote the healthy development of the search ecosystem, Baidu Search launched Thunder Algorithm 2.0 at the end of May 2018.

Compared with the Thunder Algorithm 1.0.  Thunder Algorithm 2.0 will limit search display, clean cheat links, and clean clicks on cheating websites, and will include site cheating in the site history.  Please also check and rectify the site with problems as soon as possible.

Baidu launched the Thunder Algorithm in early 2021, which really gave SEO practitioners a certain degree of confidence and made the embarrassing situation of “SEO dead” a little better. However, black hat technology still exists, and the confrontation between black and white requires Baidu, the bookmaker, to give a clear attitude. Obviously, this time, we are on the side of white hat SEO. I hope the platform and webmasters can build a good search ecology together.

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