Facebook Research Finds 4 Ways

Many practitioners of digital marketing are struggling with various effects and data analysis. The good news is that the development of artificial intelligence promotes machine learning , and through programmatic and automat marketing. Maximize value. Facebook is at the forefront of the world in artificial intelligence. Baidu in China can be said to promote the development of artificial intelligence in China, and its autonomous driving technology has been by the country and society.

In marketing, machine learning is still mysterious. Throughout the world , there is a shortage of digital marketing talents, especially those who understand technology and operations. The advertising we have done in the past is difficult to estimate its effective value and effect, and artificial intelligence machine learning, which can apply complex computer systems and artificial intelligence to solve problems, sounds exciting, but in practice, machine learning Is it possible to optimize strategies base on complex user behavior and meet the daily challenges in the advertising process.

Optimize automatic allocation to improve advertising effect

The main reason why machine learning is especially useful for media buying is its ability to optimize automatic allocations so that every dollar of budget is spent on the most valuable ad impressions.

Using sequential algorithms and predictive analytics, machine learning can quickly find the ideal audience for each ad. Coupled with the cooperation Spain Phone Numbers List of automat systems, advertisers will be able to deliver relevant advertisements to the ideal audience at the right time at a reasonable cost.

The speed and quality of media buying will improve as a result. Machine learning and automate systems can quickly process large and complex data sets and make adjustments in real-time, helping marketing teams continue to improve marketing efficiency.

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Simplify ad setup and optimization

Simplifying the management of ads is also one of the benefits of machine learning.

What work has been simplifi. According to the survey, by using machine learning-based tools, media buyers and strategists have reduced the human effort involved in ad optimization/bid strategy development, budget management, and ad setup.

The simplification of the task is mainly due to the fact that machine learning and automated systems tend to work best when there is room for it, as broader advertising goals and parameter settings can lead to more options. In other words, reducing the number of ad groups and ad constraints makes more automated optimizations a reality.

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