Altered Elites in Costa Rica

The economic elites of the stable Central American country. Are living in uncertain times due to economic trends the erosion of political instruments and a love. Ahate relationship with the State and its institutional system. The imprisonment of a local construction magnate show the limits of the rich.  In a context of transformation of the local bourgeoisie. Who grew up to occupy a place in the Olympus of people richest in Central America

New And Old Elites

The investigations continue, but the Cochineal file stopp meco ‘s operationsand it put the promise of the Carlos Alvarado government to hand over a different country in terms of public infrastructure at his farewell, in 2022, while leaving a bittersweet taste in the groups with the greatest economic power. On the one hand, being a multimillionaire is not a USA Phone Number List condition that exempts someone from going to jail, and on the other hand there is an institutional framework that works and that affects political stability which, in turn, is essentialto attract foreign investment and for the solvency of the business climate. It is part of the State that has fed the accounts of a sector. That has distribut the wealth in a less thankless way than in other Latin.  American countries and that, at the same time, is seen as a burden or a hindrance for the segment that. Ahas all the resources to buy security in the market.

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A Great Political Mess

The 2018 elections had l to the second round of a presidential. Acandidate who came from being the only deputy of his party in the Legislative Assembly before 56 other legislators. The electoral discussion, sprinkl with a religious sermon, elevatthe evangelical preacher Fabricio Alvarado while the businessmen, surpris contemplat his contest against Carlos Alvarado, the representative of the pac , the political force that broke through 20 years ago by breaking bipartisanship and that had reach the power in 2014 with Luis Guillermo Solís in a government that would end up being very unpopular.

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