Could you make an accurate portrait of it

Friends, who did you sell to, who did you reach? Could you make an accurate portrait of it? As a second approach, the survey can help you . This one should have 5 questions maximum. The survey is a quick and effective method that. Above all, Allows you to answer all the questions you have about your ideal client. Several free survey tools exist such as Google Forms or SurveyMonkey. The google Form tool allows you to make and send questionnaires/surveys easily. However, Examples of questions to ask in your survey: To former customers. Image libraries Understand the mind map as a diagram or tree representation of data highlighting the organization of semantic or hierarchical links between different ideas, information, concepts.

What made you want to buy this particular work

How did you discover my art. What made you want to buy this particular work. What are your artistic preferences. To new Logo Designs Service clients: do you buy works in a professional or personal context? What price would you be willing to pay for a work? Do you buy on impulse or in a specific search? If by research, what is the primary intention? What you need to remember is that people like to help or give their opinion. You can therefore send the survey by saying: “I would need your help” OR “I would like to have your opinion” . Moreover, it allows you to enter the market in a smooth and professional way, which engages nothing but the opinion of people you esteem. This technique can also allow you to collect contacts that you can then solicit with an offer that meets their needs exactly.

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New home and apartment owners Customer needs

Now you know your target customer better, but each customer has different needs. You must adapt your communication to the demand. To do this, make it a priority Bj leads┬áto make life easier for your potential client by always trying to put yourself in their shoes. Here are 2 examples of artists who have applied all the previous steps. And let’s see how you could apply them to your situation. Case 1 Style of creation: figurative works, cars Target market: vintage car enthusiasts/collectors Customer needs: would like to have an artwork of their favorite classic car Slogan: “paint your car!” Place of distribution: events bringing together vintage car enthusiasts Case 2 Style of creation: large format works, abstract and colorful style Target market: new home and apartment owners Customer needs.


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