Think About How customers Can find You

For most advertisers. Their account is powered by keywords. You can find the right keywords from a number of different sources. No matter what source you use to build your keywords, you should think about the different ways potential customers can find you. Here are a few main sources you should consider when deciding how to find new keywords.

Customer Research Process

In what different ways are customers likely to search for your product or service? Determine what their research process looks like, and be sure to show your ad at every step. Pay special attention to keywords with high commercial intent (a common example is keywords that contain the word buy Think about words in your industry that embody a similar “do it now” mindset. We typically group keywords at the campaign level to gain more control Brazil Mobile Number List over budget. If you’re on a limited budget, your account should be structured so that your most important keyword groupings get as many clicks and conversions as possible. Exercise caution when bidding on terms that include modifiers such as “free” or “discounted.” If you’re bidding, it’s important to ensure that you do offer a free trial or discount to meet user expectations.

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Other Advertisers In The Market

Research other sites in your industry to see if there are any concepts or topics that aren’t currently on your own keyword list. Do you know When looking for new keywords, be aware that long-tail keywords can sometimes be too long. Keywords with five or more words, on average, accrue more than half the number of clicks and impressions compared to shorter keywords (two to four words). A similar situation exists when it comes to keyword character length – keywords with 30 or more characters (including spaces) also generate more than half the number of clicks and impressions on average compared to shorter keywords. Longer keywords take more effort to define but bring in less than half the traffic, so investing time in them may not be worth the money.

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