Google AdWords Helps You Find Customers Facebook Ads

When you understand the difference between the two, you will understand that you don’t have to choose one or the other, you don’t have to put all your advertising budgets in one, but evaluate and analyze where you are suitable for advertising.

If possible, be sure to have both! Because a complete marketing process can be cover from the initial journey of the consumer/decision maker to the final purchase/purchasing journey, using Facebook to make users aware of corporate brands and products, when the real decision is to be made, it may be in a certain When you use Google to search every day, you can also find the content of the enterprise, so the two platforms complement each other and complete different marketing purposes.

Audiences Are Target Differently

Google is a search engine, that is, for any advertisement on Google, in addition to the nature of push, the most important thing is accurate keywords. Only Cayman Islands Mobile Number List by setting up good keywords can you be better search . Therefore, the first step in advertising on  Google , but also to collect keywords first.

Facebook has more options for audience targeting, age/gender/region/language, etc. In this regard, Facebook has larger and more complete user data than Google, and Facebook ads can overlay multiple user data, and can also create custom audiences and Lookalike audiences.

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Suitable For Different Types

There is no most suitable, only more suitable. For example, Google advertising is more suitable for some companies that provide solutions, and some products that already have a search market, such as large equipment, special industry solution providers, parts manufacturers, etc. Relevant procurement personnel already have a precise and direct thinking mode, and they need to think about whether they can accurately find suppliers that meet the requirements.

Facebook and Instagram are more suitable for B2B companies that transform into brands, that is, they already have businesses that provide finish products and can supply them in large quantities. Advertising on social media can actively promote such products to consumers, attract consumers’ attention, and indirectly establish a corporate image, which is a process of cognitive interaction. For example, you are offering a unique product or innovative service that no one is actively looking for.

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