Data Journalism Digital Transformation in the Production and Consumption of News

The elaboration of a proper concept for the activity responded to the need to give shape and impulse to the new journalistic model , facilitating its dissemination by the professional community and guiding academic and independent studies on the subject. Many communicators in the field have included working with data in their professional profiles to adapt to the hiring demands of vehicles and companies that are experiencing the transition to data-driven production. When did journalism start working with data? The question seems a bit strange, doesn’t it?

How did the concept of Data Journalism arise?

At the end of the day, journalism has always had as a pillar the veracity of the information transmitted in its reports in all its formats. In fact, the mobile phone numbers in Canada long history of journalism has already witnessed initiatives and actions focused on statistical data , which subsidized the reader’s interpretation of the topic addressed. The earliest known example comes from the American newspaper The New York’s Tribune, which in 1849 published a comprehensive and visually friendly graphic on the front page of the cholera epidemic that devastated the city that year. Although medicine had not advanced enough to understand the causes of the disease, the article in the newspaper alerted the population to its lethal nature and the need to mobilize efforts to prevent a massive number of deaths.

When did journalism start working with data?

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The graph showed the proportion of deaths from cholera in relation to the total number of deaths in the city, evidencing a municipal problem of BJ Leads great public interest. Another reference to print newspapers that were ahead of their time in their use of data is The Philadelphia Inquirer , winner of 17 Pulitzer Prizes between 1975 and 1990. In the year of his first award , he hired a dedicated reporter to thoroughly analyze the city’s census numbers , generating articles from them. The emergence of the Internet was, however, the greatest promoter of data journalism in the world, since it allowed the formation of immense information bases with easy access and interpretation.

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