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Mobile-friendliness has been a ranking factor since 2015 and is becoming even more important with the Page Experience update. Responsive design, text size, and tap targets size are examples of elements Google considers when evaluating if a site is mobile-friendly. Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Improve page spe Spe is decisive for user experience and rankings, especially when optimizing for Core Web Vitals. Some website design elements can be implement on the website without consideration of their impact on website performance, and SEO has to monitor the effects that changes made by developers and designers have on the spe of a page.

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Manage pop-ups and ads While Uganda Phone Number List pop-ups and ads are an excellent way to catch and/or retain users, they can have a negative impact on your rankings. In January 2017, Google releas an update stating that intrusive ads are now a negative ranking factor. As such, it has to be guarante that interstitial ads are being us with a lot of care so that they don’t interfere with an optimal user experience. Examples of accept interstitials and intrusive interstitials that make content less accessible. Examples of accept interstitials and intrusive interstitials that make content less accessible. Content Writing content that no one reads is the tragic reality companies that don’t invest in SEO are facing.

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The role of SEO is to make sure that the BJ Leads writers produce content that people are actually looking for. Although content is part of SEO work in many companies, both channels still work independently from each other. There are several elements to consider where SEO can guide content creation to serve quality content, optimiz for both visitors and search engines: Provide content relevance Qualitative and keyword-rich content, which answers and satisfies searchers’ intent, will drive user engagement and enhance visibility on the SERPs Conversely the image with the.

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