Discover The 10 Professions Without Unemployment For 2021

Factors such as having a good education or having experience are fundamental when it comes to finding a job. But, when it comes to specializing or looking for a job, knowing which are the sectors or professions with a lower unemployment rate will help us to have more job options and greater guarantees that the time and money we are investing makes sense. For this reason, in this article we explain what are the professions without unemployment .

Ten Professions Without Unemployment In 2021

Although the professions without unemployment vary each year according to the needs of the market, the sectors in which they operate usually follow the same line. Among the factors that most influence are the new alternatives offered by new technologies.

For example, according to the Active Population Study carried out by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Information and Communication Technologies have the best employment rate among the different branches.

On the other hand, digital professions continue to create jobs. In fact, according to a study by LinkedIn together with Microsoft, it is expected that two million new jobs related to technology will be created in Spain in the next five years. To deal with this situation, both companies encourage the recycling and updating of professionals in all areas.

Another study by IDC for Microsoft ensures that Mexico Mobile Number List of Spanish organizations will suffer readjustments in projects, delays in the launch of products or services, or loss of income due to not having the necessary technology knowledge” . This same report has also detected that “46% of Spanish companies have problems finding digital profiles.”

Taking these data into account, below, take note of the ten professions without unemployment for 2021.

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Computer Security Expert

An expert in computer security or cybersecurity is the person who is responsible for safeguarding the privacy and data protection of organizations. Especially, its objective is to deal with possible cyber attacks. It is currently one of the professions without unemployment, since due to the acceleration of digital transformation, companies have suffered more cyber attacks than ever from cyber criminals .

In this sense, this professional profile establishes the necessary mechanisms for the prevention, detection and solution of computer incidents. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, cybersecurity breaches are among the ten most serious threats to companies in the world.

Therefore, cybersecurity specialists are in high demand and there are not enough professionals in this area to meet the needs of the market. If you want to become an expert in computer security, train with the IEBS Master in Cybersecurity .

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