Rebranding What is It and How Does It Influence the Corporate Image

Rebranding is a marketing strategy that aims to produce significant changes in the perception that the target audience has of a brand and the corresponding company. Editor Rock Content February 23, 19 | 5 min read what is branding The rise of social networks such as Instagram and Facebook , the emergence of new technologies and changes in consumption patterns have forced many companies to ask themselves the following question: renew or die? When that happens, Rebranding emerges as a response. And it is that Rebranding encompasses all those actions aimed at redefining or building the corporate image again, among them.

What are the objectives of Rebranding?

Change of logo and other graphic representations; renewal of the offer of products or services; launch in different markets or sectors; changing the oil and gas industry email list tone of communication with customers and leads; change of trade name. Oh! These are “aggressive” actions, right? But sometimes it is the best alternative (or the only one) for the Marketing department . Next we will talk about them! What are the objectives of Rebranding? “When should I do a Rebranding?” It is a question that many entrepreneurs and businessmen ask themselves.

Elimination of prejudices and paradigms

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To answer it, it is necessary to understand what the main objectives of this strategy are and among them are the 3 that we will explain in the following lines. 1. Image BJ Leads deterioration repair For various reasons, companies from different sectors can have a truly deteriorated corporate image . There are many factors for this to happen, such as a faulty product launch, large-scale legal accusations, or simply lack of adaptability to the digital age. In those cases, Rebranding ceases to seem like a risky decision to become a necessity. 2. Elimination of prejudices and paradigms.

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