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For example you can change the metric used to track progress towards a goal. Let’s say your business has historically relied on organic traffic to generate leads, and analytics data shows that this approach gets you more qualified leads. Then your SMART goal will be framed like this: “Increase organic blog traffic by 8-10% per month.” Thus, the increase in traffic will be in the interests of the business. Time limited A SMART system keeps you on schedule. Progress towards a goal is great, as long as it doesn’t take too long. By pairing goals with deadlines, you provide your team with a healthy dose of stress and action.

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In the long term, this will help to achieve significant consistent progress. What would you prefer: a 5% increase in organic traffic every month, which in half a year will turn into 30-35%, or a 15% increase in traffic without deadlines, provided that the goal is Malaysia Phone Number achieved in the same time period? If you chose the former, then you are right. What will your SMART goal look like now that we’ve tied it to time? “Over the next three months, increase blog organic traffic by 8-10% per month to reach a total of 50,000 sessions by the end of August.” If you want to get a more specific understanding of SMART goals, check out the examples below. You can always come back to this article when it’s time to set your goals. See also: Why achieving a goal is not always fun? 6 examples of SMART goal setting.

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Blog traffic Specifically: to increase blog traffic by increasing the frequency of weekly posts from 5 to 8 times a week. The two authors will increase their workload from 2 posts per week to 3, and the editor will release 2 guest posts per week instead of one. Measurable : The goal is to increase traffic by 8%. Attainable: Blog traffic increased by 5% last month BJ Leads when we increased our posting frequency from 3 to 5 times per week. Meaningful: By increasing blog traffic, we will increase brand awareness and attract more potential customers, which will provide more opportunities for sales. Deadline: end of this month. SMART Goal: At the end of this month, we will be raising blog traffic by 8% by increasing our weekly posting frequency from 5 to 8 per week. 2. Facebook video views Specifically.

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