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In addition to being below market prices, there are other signs that it may be time for you to raise your rates. See also: How the abandonment of freemium increased the conversion to a paid subscription by 268.14% 5 signs it’s time to raise prices 1. 6 months have passed since the previous price increase Price Intelligently marketers recommend making one to two price changes annually: “The companies that we have seen the most success in terms of revenue generation review prices at least quarterly and make price adjustments/revisions every 6 to 9 months. Not every pricing change involves a straight-forward price increase: you can expand or remove price tiers, reduce or eliminate discounts, and make other changes, as detailed below.  You have implemented new features that are highly appreciat.

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By consumers New features should increase perceived value of your product. As new features are implemented—and value added in turn—your pricing needs to adjust to keep up with the changes. As Kyle Poyar, vice president of marketing strategy Philippines Phone Number at consulting firm OpenView, explains: “When you invest in new features, you encourage more use of your product, which gives you the opportunity to capture some of that added value in the form of higher prices.Customers are willing to pay more to get more value, not to increase your bottom line.

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Everyone signed up for your service New customers can help you determine whether current customers will accept a price increase. As tech entrepreneur Justin Gray writes, a 100% close rate isn’t something to celebrate—it means you’re not taking enough BJ Leads money, especially if there’s no disagreement or discussion about your prices in the sales process. If customers are surpris—or even embarrass—at how low a price you are asking, then you should charge more. For his advisory work, management expert Karl Sakas is aiming for a closing rate of 60%. He uses price increases to bring this ratio down from 80%: “During a telesales briefing, I see a slightly lower close rate than I used to — in line with my 60% target, and less than the 80% I’ve seen before.

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