Entrepreneurial Culture The Future Of Digital Companies

ithout a doubt, the great economic crises that have devastat the world economy in recent decades have left great ideas carri out by small entrepreneurs. Bearing this in mind , why not educate in an entrepreneurial cultureand thus prepare young people more suitable for any type of labor ecosystem? In the article we review the importance of entrepreneurship and how to foster this spirit.

How Do We Currently Educate?

Education is changing , at a slow pace . However, there are more schools that change their methodologies for more practical ones that place the student at the center of learning, to prepare them from an early age to face a work environment.

Some of the most outstanding methodologies that are beginning to be seen in schools little by little are problem-base learning. project-base learning. Cooperative learning or the Singapore method.

Why are these new methods being develope? Because as we have mentione before. It has been shown that students are able to retain Peru Mobile Number List information better through practice.

Also, this type of learning is more motivating for the student than the traditional grading system, which is not very flexible and does not facilitate the integration or inclusive education of all equally. Entrepreneurial  culture  is based on identifying opportunities and looking for the necessary resources to be self-sufficient. To develop this capacity, an attitude is necessary: ​​develop  capacities to face change ,  experiment , be  flexible  and  take risks .

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Why Bet On An Entrepreneurial Culture?

The European Commission , since 2012, recognizes that education must be an engine for entrepreneurship and that.

Educating to undertake requires the involvement of all educational levels , from childhood in nursery to studies in higher education.

This type of education is much more than learning how to run a business . We are talking about instilling in students knowledge that will lead them down the path of entrepreneurship and innovation throughout their lives.

Entrepreneurship education goes far beyond creating good employees or leaders, it also seeks social well-being with young people capable of facing difficulties in their professional and personal lives , and, therefore, happier.

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