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A large e-commerce store is bound to have duplicate pages and expir or out-of-stock products. These pages may lack the quality that would put them at the front of Google’s indexing queue (and that’s if Google decides to crawl these pages in the first place). In addition, large e-commerce websites tend to have issues with crawl budget. I’ve seen cases of e-commerce stores having more than a million products while 90% of them were classifi as “Discover – currently not index”. But if you see that important pages are being exclud from Google’s index, you should be deeply concern.

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How to increase the probability Google Honduras Phone Number List will index your pages Every website is different and may suffer from different indexing issues. However, here are some of the best practices that should help your pages get index: 1. Avoid the “Soft 404” signals Make sure your pages don’t contain anything that may falsely indicate a soft 404 status. This includes anything from using “Not found” or “Not available” in the copy to having the number “404” in the URL. 2. Use internal linking Internal linking is one of the key signals for Google that a given page is an important part of the website and deserves to be index.

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Leave no orphan pages in your website’s BJ Leads structure, and remember to include all indexable pages in your sitemaps. 3. Implement a sound crawling strategy Don’t let Google crawl cruft on your website. If too many resources are spent crawling the less valuable parts of your domain, it might take too long for Google to get to the good stuff. Server log analysis can give you the full picture of what Googlebot crawls and how to optimize it. 4. Eliminate low-quality and duplicate content Every large website eventually ends up with some pages that shouldn’t be.

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