What Is The Metaverse Examples And How To Access It

Recently, the metaverse is one of those words that keep coming out of our heads from constantly hearing them in the media. The truth is that the idea of ​​the metaverse is exciting, but it is not a new concept at all. Do you want to know its history and understand it once and for all? In this post we will tell you what the metaverse is, what types of metaverse there are and we will give you examples of other metaverses among many other things. Will you accompany us to the future? Let’s go there.

What Is The Metaverse?

The metaverse is a digital reality that we access through special devices such as virtual or augmented reality glasses through which we can interact with other users. Each of these users will have an avatar (their character in the virtual world) and will interact through objects in immersive worlds.

It is like a second digital reality in which we can interact with our friends, work with our colleagues, enjoy our partners and even have a job in the digital space.

To understand the term “metaverse,” try mentally substituting it in a sentence for “cyberspace.” Most of the time the meaning will not change much. This is because the word itself does not refer to a specific type of technology, but to a change in the way humans interact with it.

Typically, the technologies that make up Russia Mobile Number List the metaverse include virtual reality . This is characterized by virtual worlds that continue to exist when you are not even playing, such as augmented reality, which combines aspects of both worlds, both digital and physical.

Despite this, the metaverse does not necessarily require access to those spaces through augmented or virtual reality. For example, Fornite fulfills various characteristics of a virtual world, which you can access through a computer or mobile, so we could say that it is metaversal.

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The Story Of The Metaverse Snow Crash.

We are not exactly clear about the origin of the metaverse, but what we can know is when people started talking about it. The first references to the metaverse appear in a novel by Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash (1992).

The novel tells the story of Hiroaki Hiro Protagonist , a pizza delivery boy in the real world, but warrior prince (samurai) in the Metaverse. Given a moment, Hiro discovers the existence of a powerful computer virus in the Metaverse, called Snow Crash , and the discovery of more about this virus will be the central axis of the plot.

What is relevant about this book is that Neal created the first written reference to a completely virtual world long before cyberspace could be spoken of. In his book Neal introduces the idea of ​​avatars (or virtual characters of real people in the tangible world.

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