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The main reason is poor planning: companies neglect to develop plans to increase prices until the financial crisis hits, or the client himself admits that “You know, you really should charge more [for the service / product].” This is usually followed by hasty price increases, separated from the value of the product and communicated incoherently to the target audience. To increase prices effectively, you need a strategy that limits risk and maximizes profit from changes in pricing. The content of the article What’s at stake: the exponential impact of price increases Starting point for any price increase 5 signs it’s time to raise prices 1. It’s been 6 months since the last price increase 2. You’ve implemented new features that consumers appreciate.

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Everyone has signed up for your service 4. You’re achieving a ROI that’s much higher than the fees you charge 5. You need revenue The Aggregate Impact of Price Increases on the Company—and the Unexpected Benefits of Doing so Case Oman Phone Number Study: Netflix’s “Lost Year” and a Chance for Redemption Price increase process for existing customers 1. Conduct initial research 2. Develop a pricing strategy 3. Get feedback with qualitative and quantitative information 4. Create a communication strategy plan 5. Gather feedback after the process has been launched and adjust based on it Instead of a conclusion What’s at stake: the exponential impact of price increases.

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Many marketers focus on the risks of price increases: what if you lose customers? What happens if it becomes harder to close sales or generate leads? However, the risks associated with not raising prices can be just as serious – or even greater. As research from the Price Intelligently marketing platform shows, static pricing gradually widens the gap BJ Leads between price and value for you and your customers: In static pricing, the value of a product outstrips consumer spending. In static pricing, the value of a product outstrips consumer spending. A fixed pricing structure not only reduces the potential income and therefore the amount of money available to invest in a product, but also affects the perception that customers will increasingly view your product as the “cheapest” option on the market.

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