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Leadership and people management Being a team leader requires a balance between attractiveness and assertiveness. Your team is your support. The ability to give them clear guidance, support, and feedback is a core leadership skill. Employees need to share your values ​​and vision, adding an extra layer of diversity and innovation. Be respectful: you hired them for a reason. Be open to criticism, feedback and advice from them. Kevin Jurczyk, US Director of Marketing, Branstrator Sunrooms and Basement Systems of America: “Share ideas and vision openly with your team. Communicate at a level that is acceptable to everyone. Don’t talk down to anyone, no matter their role.

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Everyone has their own purpose, and it is the combination of efforts of all participants in the process that leads to your success. Accept criticism and be open to new ideas.” Strategy development World-class event organizers don’t just make to-do lists, they need to think strategically and engage in high-level discussions with stakeholders. Planners need to be able to have intelligent conversations about value, ROI, goals, metrics, budgets, and decisions, so measuring and analyzing these things is an essential skill in event planning. The role of the cultural attaché Going beyond local events means becoming familiar with international standards, rules and regulations, with the peculiarities of the seasons and customs of different countries, with budgets and client expectations.

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Must be fluent in at least English, and even then you must have a reliable translation resource (Google Translate doesn’t count). Design Familiarize yourself with general design concepts, image formats, characteristics of various visual elements, and more. While high-level organizers work in teams that include proven designers, most don’t have that luxury. In any case, both of them will only benefit if they understand how much the design components cost in terms of money and time. Having reasonable expectations from your designers and suppliers is an important quality in event planning, it will help you make realistic promises and keep things running smoothly.

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